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Key Factors

When we say – we gut you covered, you heard us right! Produced in the USA at FDA-regulated and GMP-certified facility, we’re different with our notions when it comes to gut health. Here’s a walkthrough of the major key factors of our products:

Guaranteed LIVE & ACTIVE probiotics!

More than 15 Billion CFUs with 15 essential probiotic strains

Clinically tested

Broad Spectrum, human-commensurate strains with no spores or yeast

Easy-to-mix formulas

Active and high absorption with easy-to-mix blends

Supports gut health

Ensures healthy guts, immunity, and active metabolic activity

How To Use

Clinically tested live and active bacterial strains support your guts upon consumption. Boosting happy guts has never been easier, healthier, and tastier! Choose your go-to flavor and if you’re not a fan of flavors,
we’ve gut you covered with our flavorless blend!

Step 1 : Mix with your favorite unheated food or drink (water, juice, smoothie)

Step 2 : Enjoy any time of day, with or without food.

Step 3 : Repeat daily for optimal benefit.

How does it function?

GoLive’s healthy blends are a synbiotic mix that can be added to your food and beverages. About 15 Billions+ live bacterial CFUs are cultured and ‘freeze-dried’ which starts acting right after you consume them live, here’s how : 

  • Upon consumption, the gut-friendly bacterias become active.
  • They get doubled every hour in your gastrointestinal tract.
  • They take part in gastrointestinal activities promoting digestion and absorption.

About our brand

GoLive is a successfully formulated idea by a microbiologist and many dietitians with clinically tested live and active probiotics. We only have human-commensurate strains in our products with no spores or yeast whatsoever! Our prebiotic plus probiotic blends are easily absorbed by your body with a doubled CFU count in every 45-60 minutes. It is easy to carry while traveling, goes well with unheated food and beverages, and is suitable for all ages.


Game-Changing Gut Health.
Inspired by Nature. Backed by Science.

Developed by MDs, PhDs, dietitians and microbiologists, GoLive gives you an essential, synbiotic pairing of probiotics + prebiotics, to ensure you get your probiotics LIVE & ACTIVE when it counts, as nature intended.

We've Gut You Covered


100% clinically-researched, verified probiotic strains from the world's most trusted suppliers, including the #1 most researched probiotic strain.

Essential Prebiotics

Our blend of 3 non-GMO soluble fibers supply nourishment to your good bacteria, fueling them so they can work harder to support you and your health.

Functional Ingredients

Targeted amino acids, botanicals, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins that work synergistically with your good bacteria to promote health and well-being.

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